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Thread: Glass repair on central coast

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    Default Glass repair on central coast

    I hope they don't mind but i got to give them props. For those of you on the central coast of California, "831", that have broken glass. You might want to take it by this place:

    Irie Motivations,
    in Capitola, CA

    their in the book, I just got back a Roor "Crimson King" that had a broken joint. $90 bucks for the repair. they do a "time & material" type thing. They'll also let you know from jump, if your stuff is even worth fixing!!!

    Anyway I was and am high on the repair they did for me, and had to tell someone.

    if you care to see the repair

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    thanks yo.

    just yesterday somebody from the san luis area asked me if i knew a glass blower to repair broken pieces. Irie Motivations will be getting a call in the next day or two. what a coincidence!

    thanks again.

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