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Thread: Northern Lights #5 Courtesy of Dr. Atomic

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    Default Northern Lights #5 Courtesy of Dr. Atomic

    Bman, Doc Atomic, Green supreme & myself sat down at Bmans Incredible Ocean View home to shoot some photos of Dr. Atomics classic NL#5. Heres what i came out with. some of the most glorious trichome covered buds iv seen to date.
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    Looking Good HerbalTokers... that NL sure was tasty to vape.. and i loved the cerebreal high from it as well.
    Still got a few nuggets.. as well as some macro shots i took that day that i will add to your thread..

    Thanks for sharing

    Bubble man

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    I hear Doc's NL has a nice cerebral high to it, looks superb.

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    that looks good enough to just eat on the spot..

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    ooooo looks great man

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