As always. . . here at the Breaker Bros Co-op we are looking for the better way. So when one of the bros, “Big B” aka “the Youngster”, or “The Onion”, to me he’ll just always be the “The Kid”. Anyway, I feel he’s the next up and coming threat, for the title of “Indoor King of California”, told me about his new R&D project. So with the invite to watch first hand, I grabbed my good old GE A950 camera (9 megapixels for 40 bucks @ Best Buy, check my blog for the review) anyway oh yeah… and off I went to the Breaker Bros Indoor Compound.
Well the theory, goes pretty much like this. after you freeze them, you knock them off, you let em sink, you collect them. . . trichomes were talking….
So Big B. thought one day……..Hey how about forcing them off with a pressure washer. . . . how he came to this idea???? He tells me he was kicking it with the fellas from Mean Green Delivery & Collective, who just recently opened their delivery service, in the Santa Cruz County, for us Medical Card carrying people. Anyway they were talking, and came up with the idea of Hydro Flushing, I know, I know, but before you start. . . . just check the photos, cause I was skeptical myself. So lets look at some photos…… but here's a good place to mention…..
The Disclaimer.
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Of course my standard preface:

If you are here to bash and trash, techniques, materials, ideas, or persons, PLEASE MOVE ON TO THE NEXT BLOG!

So now with that said…. First off, the power for this hydro flush process is our Ryobi RB800 Pressure Washer, 7 HP, Gas Driven. If you have seen my web page you will know we use this piece of equipment for other garden maintenance, and preventive maintenance procedures. I can not stress enough the use of proper safety and ecological procedures.
The use of the pressure washer is not to be taken lightly. If your hand or finger are hit by the high power water stream from the tip, it can cause serious skin and muscle damage. I recommend that you read your equipments, owners manual, or go to their web site as. Again safety is of the highest priority.
As you see, ours is not the newest, but it does do it’s job,including as you will see, flush a few trichomes into some screens….
Isn't much to look at but… it does put out.
Notice that there are two (02) containers one in the other. well he has drilled numerous (One hundred +) 1/8 inch holes with a few 1/2 inch ones for good measure, in the bottom of the upper container sort of a king size kitchen colander. Now his thinking was only the outer edge was indented at a lower position, so he only drilled that area, as he felt most of the flow would be to this lower ringed area, I concur, but still may have drilled the whole bottom somewhat.

we load the material, and ice, stir it up at this point but we we add NO WATER yet We let the mass ” dry” chill for 30 to 40 minutes.
Big B uses the spray wand as his “whipping stick” (Allmond Brothers flashback), So when the temp is right "(4c or under) We open that 2 inch valve, AND LET HER FLOW. At the same time Big B climbs up top and starts blasting with the pressurized water wand. Now every power washer has its own feel, but I would try to keep my water volume and pressure at a good spot, in relation to your drainage. Other words dont shoot more water than is draining.

As it sits, he gets the bag stack together
Yeah man !!!!!!

so we open the valve, through the bag stack it flows.
So basically.. we pulled the sacks accordingly, Now Big B tries to stay current on the latest techniques.
So he shows me this new “twist grind” thing with the drying screen. It seems to work real …as you can judge yourself.
You just drop your blob in the center of your drying screen and twist it up in the shape of a strawberry, wring it out, then after you’ve done that a time or two… you literally, “rub it out” of the screen in small clumps, onto a plate or a drying surface. So you be the judge, here's what it looked like, rubbed out
Check this is this “a hunk, a hunk, of burning love” or what….

I try to get my whole post on one thread, but jI haven’t had to much luck…. but I’ll keep trying. This is just a brief summary of the process, I tend to get long winded, and detailed, this is the reason…. why I post a more detailed photo essay on my blog “at the Dog Pound” on E Blogger.