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Thread: Post your Bubblenow XL mix times and helpful tips please!

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    Question Post your Bubblenow XL mix times and helpful tips please!

    I've been loving my new Bubblenow XL, but I am wanting to know everyone's mix times and which cycle ya'll use............also anything I can do to make it better, more efficient, or the top leak less? Thanks!
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    I am really interested in this too my bubble now order just shipped out, WITH the 20% discount for medical users. (thanks bubbleman!)

    HS42o you wrote that you mix: 1st run for 10min. (6min soft, 4min normal)
    and Green Supreme wrote he mixes 6min for the 1st run and advised that generally quality (smokeable) product is only found in the first run. In one thread I think they did 5 mixes 6 min each. And were still pulling quite a lot it seems (correct me if I'm wrong)

    So, I'm just curious what I should start my runs at (time, setting "soft" etc.) and how many runs to do. I was going to do a 6min (soft cycle) 1st run, and then a 15min normal cycle second run to start out with. But I see that he was still pulling much resin that would be valuable to cook with in the 5th run.

    I have been using a 3 bag, 5gal kit and 5 runs seems like a lot lifting in a 8bag 20gal set. I will set up a drain on the garbage can when I attempt this. Would it help to have the garbage can higher up than the bubble now machine so I could just drain the water back into the machine for my second + run(s)?

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