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Thread: Some favorite FULL MELT shots from over the last few months

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    I think I would kill to get that in the bay

    Looks very very choice nickaT

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    nice pics and videos dj, paul, and rize!!! bless

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    Nikka T, that looks BOMB. Truly something to aspire to.

    I have been working on making bubble for awhile, I use subcool's tek and get good results with popcorn when I use Bubba Kush or Deep Funk (Deep Chunk x SourD) that I have smoked next to the budder king wax everyone raves about, and everyone agreed that mine was better. This was on a ti plate, and mine left little or no residue, which had many people amazed. It was fully cured tho, and made with fresh frozen product.

    I am trying to step it up to the next level, and I am interested in the live plant process, if you could elaborate a little on that. I get the basic idea, but I was hoping to get any input you could offer based on experience.

    I agree, this AAA quality extract needs a name to differentiate it, whether it's solvent-less oil, or ice wax doesn't matter, it is an accurate description of the process and physical properties. To be honest though, you could call it shit pudding and I would still smoke because it looks so damn good!

    At any rate, keep up the good work, and keep posting mouth watering shots.

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    If it will make the people on this site happy, call my product "Water Hash Nikka T's tech" if u really want, but i feel as tho i have taken techs from everyone to create what i use today, so im not looking for the credit in the name of my process... I really dont care what people call it, i just know our patients need it and they like knowing its solvent free and who processed it. Its also very difficult to give you an exact step by step process, because for each strain, grow medium, grower tech, nute line, size of plant, and so many other variables, we process material differently. For a very simple example, if we are running some dry Master Kush from our warehouse, we will use a specific washing machine with a specific time and temp with specific screen sizes inna specific order. Compared to if we are running some Fresh Frozen Sour Diesel X Deep Chunk from another client's warehouse, we would run it in a completely different machine that agitates a bit harder at a lower temperature, etc.... Feel me on why i havent written a complete how-to yet?

    As far as the LIVE PLANT process.. thats a whole other story and process. A good story at that....

    So, as soon as I started posting my pictures of "solvent-less Wax" on facebook, a man most of the community knows and loathes, immediately began commenting with "None of this stuff looks natural" and "This is garbage" and many other slanderous things he has since erased on my pictures and in messages.... But one of the things that did stand out in what he said was this; "I use LIVE plants...u cant come close to me in flavor taste and aroma" haha.. So I replied with, "I prefer using fresh frozen material myself, is that what you mean by "LIVE"?" He then replied with a simple "yes." However, it got me thinking and that is why I owe this little trick to Joe P... Not because of any intellect he shared with me, but just his "simple" word choices such as "LIVE". So, I wanted to take it a step further than just "fresh frozen"...

    It just so happened that the warehouse growers were doin a little R&D on a row of Skywalker plants and sent the whole row into the start of some weird re-veg state. After inspecting the trichomes wit the scope, as I like to do before processing a new product we havent worked with before, I realized there were still developed trichome heads, so we argreed to let me process the whole row before they finished cycle. Thus processing fairly clear resin glands.. However, there was no way we were gonna be able to fit that amount of product in a freezer and why was my warehouse gonna pay trimmers to break it down if it was useless as flowers for the shop? So.....I decided to take Joe P up on his challenge of true "LIVE" plant extraction. (It made sense to me, the less I agitate my material generally, the better my product is, so if the material is still growing and alive, it must make an even cleaner product!-I thought to myself)

    We then created a huge Ice bath within a large water drum still maintaining our optimal temperature for this strain and batch without having our mixture freeze solid. And immediately, we starting hand churning with bamboo poles as we brought whole immature plants one by one into the mixture removing them and adding another in rotations of about 6 minutes... (I know, as soon as they hit the water, they are pretty dead..but this is as close as we could get to LIVE considering they are alive when they hit the mixture) Remember, we are about quality not quantity. After finishing the row of 30 plants, we filtered the water thru our large screens ranging in microns. Removed water from the resins quickly and tried to break it down to dry after barely being able to remove it from the screens, but we realized that cutting oil was an impossible task, however, we also realized that we cant just trap the moisture in, or we would lose a lot of the flavor, clear/golden translucent appearance and amazing smell, so this is what we did. We took the gooey oil mounds and created a parchment paper fold, placed the parchment paper containing the resins inside individual ziplock bags and immediately put all of the product in a deep freezer. A few minutes later, since this freezer is pretty immediate action, we were able to remove the bags, smash them with a hammer and quickly place them back into the freezer. After doing this quite a few more times, we were able to turn the oil into tiny shards of glass looking resins when laid out on large pieces of parchment to increase surface area. This is where it gets tricky... At room temperature this stuff just lays down like oil and will eventually dry out further or possibly trap moisture in if left alone, ruining the appearance, smell & taste, etc.. So, we must bring the temp and humidity of our environment down for this particular LIVE style of processing. Remember when i mentioned the longer you let the product (hash and plant material) sit submerged in water, the less terpenoids you will retain? Often times "LIVE" material is so sticky its hard to remove all of the water immediately, while also allowing it to be broken down to increase surface area... In order to get the water out with ease and quickness, you must bring the temp and humidity down in your room. Not quite freezing tho, or u will trap moisture... After a few weeks (and a huge power bill to keep temps that low for that long) your product will be ready for your patients to consume... Theres a little "how-to" for ya... and a story to make it a little more interesting... We have since run more LIving immature plants in this manor and achieved very similar oily results...

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    Very interesting. I have the Sour D x Deep Chunk. I love it for bubble. We call it Deep Funk...

    A few questions:

    * I am intrigued by the idea of using different methods for different starting material. Would you say warmer, shorter runs for dryer material, so the leaf soaks up more and breaks down less? And colder, longer runs for fresher? Or is each case a matter of trial and error?
    *Are you basically saying that you are only doing the live plants because you don't have the freezer space? Would you say based on the live plant runs that fresh unfrozen is better if it can be made immediately, or just an option for when freezing is not possible?

    Thanks for the information, I appreciate it.

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    Hey Nik,
    Thanks for taking the time to post us that information, really really appreciated.

    "If it will make the people on this site happy"
    Haha it did make me happy bro


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