Hey guy's there this is my first post on the site or any site to do with this for that matter so please bare with me. I am doing work with many strains and will be doing my strain reports and test results along with some good hash shots once I can get some info on the correct camera to buy.

Here is my pride and Joy Querkle that I have had for a long time now and this is one of the first 100 pack's with that special dad used

One of my buddie's put me in contact with a lab and went up there today here in Traverse City MI

Here is a close up of that querkle

This querkle is very very tastie but not a very good yeilder. I have had this pheno going for over 4 years now and will always keep this in the garden as has a truly unique flavor and appearance when grown. Here is the lab report for the Querkle product that was 52 days flower and going to try another test when I get my Cataract Kush and Mowie Wowei down at about 60 days to see what the ripenese does to the potency in the test and compare fresh sample to cured sample. I was completely amazed when I seen the THC content of the Querkle Hash as that was the second highest they have had tested yet next to the Sour OG. These are natural no pestisides (Don't Panic it's Orgainc) Even my Hash is completely orgains and has no trace metals what so ever and trying to find a place to get my mineral test ran. By organic hash I mean the product being all organic and the ice made out of natural spring water with spring water for the mix which has the best taste possible when making bubble hash.

Check out the test and will see if I also have a picture of the Hash I can post. Also please excuse my photo's as they are from a phone and any helpful tints on which kind of camera to buy would be great as need something for those closeups,macro,HD,snapshot and video or do I need to seperate camera's for Video/Snapshot?? Anyway's after these photo's I will be moving on to my Pine Apple X Trainwreck (Pinewreck) That was also tested that is one of the hotest medical flavors hitting the clubs around here.

Querkle Test Results from Gas chromatography

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Sorry looks like one of the querk pics didnt' come through on bud shot will include below.

Yeah I was blown away by the Hash test was expecting like 30-40 ball park on THC not 50's, LOL. Anyway's I was certain that the querkle was going to be way more potent than the Pine Apple X Trainwreck but as these results will show I was wrong!

Here is a nice shot of that Pine apple don't have any other's now of it in the flower only once they have been cut down

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That pic was taken prior to harvest at 36 days after 12/12 Flower!!!

Here is the Test results for the Pine apple X Train wreck

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Here are some bud shots for you guys. First three are Sharkbreath and the fourth is of course querkle then 5,6,7 are Jilly Bean pheno #1, 8,9,10 are Mowie Wowie (Hawaiin Indica) after that are a few more querkles and some Cataract Kush and a pic of the Querkle Hash

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Here are some of the Querkle the last picture is of some of the querkle hash that was tested.

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Here are the pictures of My Mowie Wowie aka Hawaii Kush which is over 12 years old and one of my all time favorites. Even when grown indoors in michigan still taste like it was grown in hawaii has that heavy puna budder smell during flower almost like heavy grease almost bacon smell very similiar to this. Pure indica that has tremendous resin production with great pain relief and great relief from insomnia but slow grower

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Here are some of the Jilly bean

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Here are some pictures of the Cataract Kush from dna which is also a really good strand almost no odor in veg/flower but yet nice kush and strong hint of sour Diesel in there which will make your vision blurr its so good and will have potency strands up to come on all of these strands and bubble hash also.

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Here is another one of the Cataract that may have been shown with another group on accident


Will get some more up to date shots on some of the Cataract and Hawaiin Thanks For looking Shawn Dubs - Dub Genetics