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Thread: Just made some Melty goodness with super lemon haze + please reply

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    Default Just made some Melty goodness with super lemon haze + please reply

    Hey all,

    Just harvested a 6 medium/small plants i did in a closet. I did 2 super lemon haze, 2 hash plant haze, and 2 blue cheeses. I got around 45 grams of sugar trim and some small buds that i let dry for a good 12 hours after trim then froze the trim for over 24 hours. I have the Payload 5 Bag set. I used a 220 micron, 200 micron (not payload), 90 micron, 73 micron, 45 micron, and 25 micron. I did 3 runs stirring for 8 minutes the frist, 5 minutes the last 2 runs. I got my best melt and largest amount in the 90micron bag in the first run. The 73 had the 2nd best lookin bubble. I got a little bit in the 2nd and 3rd run, but not much. Here are my results. I did it outside with 5 gallon buckets, stirred the trim with ice and cold distilled water with the work bag in the seperate bucket. I had my other bags in another bucket lined in order. Is this a good method? I had to dump my work bucket into the bags after pulling my work bag. Please reply I did not get much maybe a few grams, is this normal? I have done this a few times, but this is my best results to date. The pictures are at different stages of drying over 24 hours, the darker it is the dryer more oxidized i believe it gets.

    Met to post this under the Ice water extraction pic's if a moderator could move it.

    Also the poop looking peice is some quick wash iso i made with a jar of stems and shaky keif.

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    I think your yield sounds about right. Haha, look at that lil turd you got there.

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    I get you really enjoy making something so nice,well done

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