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Thread: Help With Seeds Please.

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    Default Help With Seeds Please.

    I am soon to move into my own house and am looking forward to doings some
    trichome farming. That being said I am specifically looking to grow three separate strains, and only flowering 3 plants.
    Which means getting feminized seeds...Right?
    I have done some research (most of which on this site)
    Dj Shorts BlueBerry Indica
    BC HashPlant Indica/Sativa
    C13 Haze Sativa
    All of which are said to be good hash making strian's.
    Does anyone have advice on getting these exact strains?
    I have never done this before and in my research I picked
    up on more unhappy customers then happy.
    I am looking forward to finally have a controlled environment
    to experiencing the true difference between Indica and Sativa.
    Any advice is apprietated.
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