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Thread: Help Making Soft Hash from Keif

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    hey gs, i know the quality of the keif plays a major role in the finished product but there are so many types and variations of hashish i know the methods have to play some part in that

    and thanks AP but i dont have bubble bags ill be doing dry sift

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    then you want a press call "piecemaker" , its easy to find in google and deliver at home. its good for making big piece and it take less time just finish to press by hand and add little heat to help for decarboxylation . let cure inside a wooden box, little under room temp and each day press your hash . this way your hash will always end soft.(sorry my english is poor)
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    Hi, Thanks ap, i have looked at the piece maker but like i stated before im looking to make larger quantaties at a time... not a couple grams. With continued research I found want im looking for, a method that is capable of doing this producing a nice soft malleable hash.

    let me know what you guys think.

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