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    Hello newbie here and just got my bags, yaaa. Anyway I was wondering if anyone could A) Tell me if the coldness of dry ice will affect my bags and B)Can you get full melt from a dry ice extraction? Thanks for your help and if there is already a forum going on about this I did try to search but for some reason it was not working hahahaha hope all is well

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    From what I heard from bman's previous posts, you have to be careful with dry ice because it can wear down your bags quicker. I've tried it and haven't noticed enough of a difference to be worth it. It seems to work well to have in a seperate bucket of water and ice that you are getting as cold as possible to throw in an upcoming run. You can get full melt if your strain is the type and of good condition. There are several posts on the topic if you check the forum.
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