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Thread: Bubble Now needs 5 Gal Bags or 1 Gal?

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    Default Bubble Now needs 5 Gal Bags or 1 Gal?

    I plan on buying a Bubble Now machine and it says that you need the 5 Gallon Bubble Bags. I do not think I will be running more then an ounce or 2 ever as im not rich and do not grow. The 1 Gallon bags would be perfect for my needs but the Bubble Now machine is 5 Gallons so how would that even work it would over fill the bucket wouldn't it? Should I just get the 5 gallon bags and run what I want anyways(an oz or 2 oz's)? First time poster here as well so much help would be appreciated.

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    If thats all you are running at a time, save some money, skip the machine, buy the one gallon bags and call it a day. All you'll ever need! mixing by hand will produce better products anyway.

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    What would you use to mix manually without ruining the bags at all? Also have you tried the Bubble Now machine vs manual mixing? I just like how easy it makes the process with the Bubble Now machine. How long would you have to mix manually? Also on average what is the length of time it takes from the start of the process to the end(draining all bags and scooping hash) not including waiting 24-72 hours for drying the hash?

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    Anyone else got some opinions?

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    I think you will need the 5 gal bagset mainly based on the amount of water you will be draining...and when the hash starts to collect the water will drain slower even when jerking and tugging but I have not tried using the 1gal set so my opinion is kind of void...I have used the 20gal machine and drained into the 5 gal I think it may work with the 5 gal machine and the 1 gal set but dont hold me to my word
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    First time poster here and kinda the same problem (Maybe the answer to this question will help the original poster as well. That is why I am posting here rather than starting a new thread).

    I as well will be typically running 1-2 OZ but if I ever did need to do a larger quantity I would be kicking my self in the butt about the 1 gal set vs the 5 gal set.

    So my question is would there be any problem (disadvantage) only running an 1-2 Oz through the 5 gallon set? or do I need the recommend 150-200g?

    I have no interest in the bubble now machine only the bags my self.

    Edit: Just realized this is a 6 month old thread, hopefully I get an answer, if not I will search the forum better then if not start a new thread.
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    In response to the first question, imo you could, if you were intent on using the machine, drain it through your 1 gal 220 and 190 bags into a large bucket, then slowly pour the liquid from the bucket into the remaining bags, or do it in a few batches. Though I have to agree doing it by hand is probably the best way, as really anything smaller than the 20 gal bags can be maneuvered by hand without too much difficulty.

    Which brings me to question 2, there is really no reason you can't do smaller batches in the 5 gals, the material may be a bit spread out, so harder to collect, but there are lots of methods to combat that (spray bottle full of icewater, or simply dip the bags into the water a few times after you have drained them so everything is collected at the center when you stretch them over a bowl to collect) The only thing I would do, which you may plan on doing anyway, is with a small amount, put it in a bucket of icewater alone and agitate it, and then dump that into your bags, as opposed to trying to stir it inside the bags....

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    what you could do is put a tap at the bottom of your 1 gallon bucket and then let the water run through your bags into the bucket and then out the bottom of the bucket into another container, this way you can work with the 1 gallon bags, but still use the whole machine full at a time.

    as for quality, hand mixing does not guarantee better quality, in fact the long time the hash is in the water when hand mixing can make for slightly less tasty end product. with the bubblenow your trim is not in the water for any more time then absolutely needed. same with the hash sitting on the bag screens. the less time it's in the water the less terps will get dissolved and the more flavor will remain. on the whole the machine saves you about 2 thirds of the time and makes incredibly good product if used right.

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