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Thread: Pemberton Festival 2008

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    Default Pemberton Festival 2008

    Well today is the first day after the three day multi million dollar even that happened over the weekend just north of whistler BC.
    I spent saturday and sunday at the show and was definitly impressed with how they pulled off this monster show with all its logistics.
    over 2000 employee's, and 40 plus bands, made for quite a weekend. is where you can check the line up.

    Headliner on friday was NIN , but i missed that show, didnt go up till the following morning.
    I heard traffic was a nightmare with waits as long as three to five hours. SO i brought my motorcycle.
    was amazed at the time i was able to get within a few kilometers of the site, HOwever i met with an RCMP right before the venue as i was cruising along the side of the road, and told to stop if i didnt want to get ticketed. So i had about a thirty minute wait, instead of a 4 hour wait.
    MY buddy was working with the soundboard crew so i was able to sneak into the soundboard tower a few times for some killer views and great shots.
    First show i checked out was the tragically hip, some good canadiana rock> With a lead singer who is definetly as tripped out as they come. I think he actualy forget he was singing on stage at one point in time lol.

    IT was very dry the first and second day, and the dust was a little much, however it did make for some cool pictures

    The next band i saw was the flaming lips, I had never heard of them before, but i gotta say i enjoyed them, They reminded me a little of phish in how they didnt allow themselves to take each other to serious.
    WHich can be difficult when you have twenty teletubbies and a giant worm on stage with you.


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    Next day was a killer day as well. Good food, fun and bubble for everyone ( or at least everyone i bumped into )
    i was puffing down complete strangers all day long this was extremly fun. I forgot how fun it is to turn new people onto the melty goodness of bubble

    Didnt see a single show until 7pm that evening, when matisyahu came on>
    damn i gotta admit i had never seen him before but did he ever rip it up> really got the crowd doing, and from i saw, he easily had the largest crowd at the mtn stage ( the stage he played at )
    here are some shots of that

    and then finaly jay z, i was pretty far back so mostly got pics of the huge video screen he had going, but figured i would share them here as well.

    Bubble man

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    Matis is the Man.

    I can't see that guy enough!

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    Sick shows. Flaming lips, Matis, and HOVA! What a uniqe line up!
    Those that rushes my cluthes get put on crutches. Get smoked like dutches from the master, Hate to blast ya, but I have ta, you see I smoke a lot. - The Illest

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    matisyahu and jayz!?!??! what a show

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