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Thread: Champagne dry sift ( aka bchp) macro's

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    Default the ultimat. thanks bubbleman

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    NorCalTrichomePro Guest


    Kif on the first page is gross. I honestly throw that away sometimes.


    Is it really that tough for you guys to make this crap? Hmm....

    Bubbleman plz email me. You need help in this dept.

    I need hash tips.


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    well I know its 10 years later but I don't need any help . I was showing how half cleaned dry sift will produce capitate stalks that never melt or are not active .. now lets see if we can't bring these thread back

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    Hey, Bubbleman, it's been a long time since I logged in and somehow remembered my password. Anyway, just wanted to give a shout out that I still rock my bags here and there, but then I squish it for Bubble H Rosin. I'm doing a big run this weekend and this site crossed my mind. All the Best Bubble Fans.


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