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Thread: Help needed processing quality Bud by Bubblebag or dry sift techniques?

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    Smile Help needed processing quality Bud by Bubblebag or dry sift techniques?

    I'm a medical marijuana patient. I recently got a 4 bag set of bubblebags and have used it about 4 times, so far.

    I have already used up all of my secondary trim materials. Now I've only got quality bud left and I'm wondering if there is any advantage in processing quality bud through the bubblebag system? If I do a batch of quality bud through the bubblebags, would that bud batch have a greater yield than the trim batch?

    How would you suggest I prepare the bud ahead of time? I assume grinding it would reduce particle size potentially contaminating the finer screens.

    Since I'm down to just quality bud, would I be better off trying to do the dry sift technique instead of the ice and bubblebag approach?

    When I get my bud it is already dried somewhat by my grower, so it is fresh, less than a month out of the ground, but it isn't like it was just taken down today? How many days or hours after harvest would make the best starting point for a.) bubblebag approach, and b.) dry sift approach?

    I had called the Bubblebag office and nobody there had any experience to speak of. I left my name, number and email and have heard nothing from them and it's been about a month now.

    Anxiously awaiting your valuable feedback, desperate to find a solution quickly, thanks so much for your time, Huh!

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    Absolutely you can use flower! it yields more per weight than trim because of the trichomes to plant ratio, but some people think its a waste to use nugs (when you really have no better use for trimmings) to prepare the bud you can cut the bud with scissors, over a jar so those precious trichomes arent wasted, to a consistency where it is small enough to pack a bowl, but not fine enough to roll a jay with. Although some trich's may still be in the nugs, an expert opinion might be nice in that area but the scissors work for me. Then into the freezer and so on but if you want to grind it you could have a larger yield but the quality would suffer.

    Dry sifting is nice when you have a 70 micron screen to get the right gland heads for that full melt deliciousness, Bubbleman has an AMAZING in depth thread on this, but if you don't have a sift screen that's 70micron i personally would go with Bubble Hash because plant material is still more present than id like at higher sizes.

    Wet trim tends to give a more purer hash because the plant material isn't as dry and wont break off as easily and i THINK the same would apply to buds, but as for a time window, then sooner the better, but after a month i think you'd be fine.

    hope it helped.

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    Thanks so much for the feedback 'HG'.

    My concern is definitely quality over quantity, so I'll try a batch with bud using your feedback. I don't have any dry sifting screens at this point so for now, I'm going to give the bubblebags another go.

    I was thinking it might be advantageous after scissoring the bud, then maybe spray it with a water mister of sorts, bag it, and throw it into the freezer as part of the prep. Think that would be a plus?

    Can't wait to give it a go.......

    If anything else comes to mind, I'd appreciate any knowledgeable feedback Buds! hehe

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    Well i can't believe no one at my office had any knowledge of such a question.. in fact i am surprised you didnt just email me at [email protected] or kik my live on my phone anytime at bcbubbleman. This is the first time i have heard of your situation.
    I would answer like this.. I have run plenty of bud runs before and found it on par for yeild and quality to top notch sugar bud trim. I always run sugar trim first if i can find it before throwing in nugget as with the prohibition based prices most growers sell their herb for it becomes a reality that the price you pay for herb is NOT WORTH IT.
    i would pretty much prepare the nugget the same way theHighGoalKeeper mentioned. Freezing the nuggets is always a plus get em as cold as possible.. however if you can't its no worry as you can merely let them sit in the ice mixture a little longer ( not to long as the longer the herb sits in water the more water soluble terpenes are lost)
    Bubble man

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    Thanks for the added feedback Bubbleman!

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    Does the capacity of the bags change when you use bud versus trim? For example, if a 1 gallon kit has a capacity for 56g of 'dry matter' according to the FAQs at, does that mean 56g of trim and a smaller amount of bud, or 56g of anything you are using?

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