Hey all first time poster here:

So I owned a set of bubble bags a few years ago but lost them in a move. Initially I never had enough disposable money or need to replace them. Kinda forgot about bubble and hash in general until a friend brought over the worst hash a few weeks ago.

So now that I do have disposable money I want to buy the bags again an 8 bag set certainly. Just not sure how big of bags I should buy my issue is as follows.

I will be typically running 1-2 OZ but if I ever did need to do a larger quantity I would be kicking my self in the butt about the 1 gal set vs the 5 gal set.

So my question is would there be any problem (disadvantage) only running an 1-2 Oz through the 5 gallon set? or do I need almost the recommend 200g?