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Thread: BubbleNow XL Blue Dream Pictures

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    Hey to Bubbleman and my fellow Bubble Heads,

    I finally broke down and bought a BubbleNow XL, I gotta give it to the BMon, this is a real time saver and just a down right good ideal, kudo's mon. I've been hand mixing for about 11 years as best as I can remember, just 5 gallons at a time, sometimes 2-3 times a month in the early days, I would just sit there, mixing and pulling and harvesting and mixing and pulling and harvesting, and never once did I not enjoy the surprise in the bottom of my BBags, those bags have 125+ runs on them and they can still produce great hashish. Back to the present. I have the BubbleNow now, and "Making great bubble is only a few clicks away", this is so easy, my wife could do it, lol, like she ever would, shes not a smoker at all, i like it that way, more for me.......

    Anyway, I used Blue Dream, if I was going to not recommend a plant for bubble, this would be one of them, its a great yielding plant, but only so-so as a bubble producer, my favorite plant of all of the plants I've made bubble from would be White Widow from Nirvana, I've always wanted to try Renee from DJ Short but its kind of disappeared, and I'm babbling now, enjoy the pics, I only got 60grms from 850grams of material, definitely a low bubble yielder, i've included a pic of my material, I harvest the bottom third of all my plants to make bubble with every month, hang them to dry and then strip the buds off the stems, not the best way I admit, but i've got so much material (46 plants per month) that this is the easiest way for me, I pick out the big fan leaves and pretty much have tubs of material that most would love to just smoke, and after this run I have enough material left to do 2 more full runs, definitely not running out of bubble for awhile

    Keep it Hashy


    My macro flash broke so my pics are a little under my normal standards.

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    WOw dude beautiful to see you in Action.. i've missed your quality threads with quality pics.. so nice to see.
    Looks like you've been at it my friend.. .love the shots even with your macro flash broken.. solid.
    So i am gonna go out on a limb and say you have "liked" your Bubblenow? I couldnt believe it myself when i first used one.. .it was a perfect mix everytime.. can't go wrong with a perfect mix.
    Thanks for sharing MAximo.. you on Instagram? you should be got some great shots you could be sharing.. im bcbubbleman on there if you join up add me.

    Bubble man

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    Thanks for the kind words BMan, yeah I miss the old days before I settled down with one plant and one type of bubble, you on the other hand have always had a great supply of material, i'm jealous as always I've always like your pics on ICMag, I have given you and a few others a bad attitude at times, I apologize. And yes yes yes the machine really makes this easy, I'm 100% onboard with the BubbNow now, if anybody asks thats my recommendation, I'm going to post these on ICMag also, I have a few folks there that like me besides you. no instagram, I have to stay allot more underground in mid-america than most And you probably do not remember saying this 10+ years ago, but you said "if I had less than 10,000 watts in flower I had a small garden", well this summer Ill be going to 10,000 finally, more material for my bubblenow XL, thanks again BMon for all of your hard/stony work so that guys like me can have a little hashish in our lives.

    Peace Out


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    Bro you have really clicked an qaulity pictures

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    Omg that looks so good. I CANNOT WAIT until payday and I order my bubblenow.

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