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    I am a mmj patient in California and I have been enjoying the variety of flower strains available at dispensaries nowadays. However, whenever I try those waxes that they sell in dispensaries I always wish they would have, you know, 'real' hash, the way imported hash used to taste when I was a college student in the early 70's. I guess most of these now are made with solvents like butane. I can't quite get used to the flavor and miss the spicy scent of the old time stuff. Anyway recently set up a little medical grow and grew a few TGA seeds out: Vortex and Jack's Cleaner II. I find that sativa-leaning strains work well for me and these were available so I tried em. Attached is a pic of a Vortex plant. Now recently I bought some cheap bags from Amazon and tried ice water extraction. The first time I didn't know what I was doing and made a huge mess while producing a tiny piece of something. I was so bummed I just left it sitting on the pressing cloth for a week. One day I got curious and kneaded the little piece in my fingers for a few minutes. It turned into a black, hash-like stuff which was somewhat stiff yet pliable. Holy crow it smelled and tasted like real hash! Highly reminiscent of Afghan hash smoked in the 70's. So I did some more research on the methodology on the web, bought a pump sprayer and did a second batch. This time I got maybe 2 or three grams from a good sized bag of males slaughtered once they indicated. The pic is what's left after a few days :P I am really happy because I have longed for that taste for many years. Also, a few hits of even my newbie stuff really work wonders for neck and shoulder pain. Yay! I will be perusing these pages with interest.
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    I was in High School in the early 70s in NY. I remember the sandy blonde hash we used to get back then. It had a very distinct smell and flavor that I miss.

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