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Thread: Machine to sift trim

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    Default Machine to sift trim

    Hey guys I was wondering what the best machine, premade or fabricated by a friend you have come across that is the most efficient in creating keif from your trim?

    One of my buddies had a decent amount and was wondering the best way to go about it. He had an idea to have three trays with gradually smaller screen sizes much like the bubble box idea, but a lot bigger and that vibrated/shook on its own. I don't know how feasible it would be, but it just seems like these tumblers cost way too much.


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    You could start here. Peace GS

    ps. I use a 3x2 screen to sift material then clean the hash in my Bubblebox.
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    Thanks, I've already read most of the posts on here in the dry sift section tho. The tumblers covered in that post and it seems most forums are the pre made $500 + ones. what happened to the homemade stuff?

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    I say the Okief tumbler LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT one of the best gifts given ever!

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    You are easily pleased Jane!

    I saw an Okief tumbler up close the other day, I wasn't impressed at all.

    It's a cheap plastic storage container and the inside has depressions on the floor which make removing the kief difficult, so they supply a black plastic sheet with it! ...dumb and dumber

    That soft Rubbermaid plastic is the wrong material for a tumbler, resin and plastic are not the ideal combination, it's thin and floppy, there are better choices out there like ABS plastic or wood.

    The mesh cylinder is well made, but doesn't sit perfectly horizontal (therefore the need for rubber balls they supply with it to bounce around inside so the material doesn't pool on the low end!) The sides of the Rubbermain container are not vertical, so the cylinder that is connected to the motor doesn't sit horizontal, it sits on about 15 degrees??. Again, the container is wrong, they chose cheap cost over function.

    The cylinder is attached only on one end and is not supported at the other end which probably puts strain on the thin plastic wall and the motor's drive shaft, that's just plain ol bad engineering and design.

    The turning speed is good and the motor is quiet but the cylinder door has wing-nuts that would be best if were magnets instead

    The motor box has U shaped wire to support it or the whole thing tips over, as the weight balance is wrong.....wrong, inefficient and ugly.

    it's wrong in other areas too..etc etc, most which relate back to that cheap plastic container.

    Okief started with a cheap plastic container that was wrong in about ten different ways but chose it cos it was cheap...and then tried to make it work with all the added on bits, when instead they should of spent an extra $10 on a better quality, thicker sided container with vertical walls and a flat floor and then they really would have an "o-k" tumbler

    I've read how wonderful these okief tumblers were for years, I can't for the life of me understand why after seeing one in the flesh

    edit : and the motor runs very hot.......the motor box housing doesn't just get warm, it's very hot to touch!
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    Well i have a prototype in effect right now.... check a video out here....

    the difference's so far.... ours are all wood.. will have a nicely hinged lid to access the tumbler part.> The screen will be a 120lpi or 140u and made of a stainless mesh.

    The box will have a pull out drawer for a catch tray but also a pull out framed screen right above that for cleaning the sift.

    However in this video i have linked... we let it run for almost 25 minutes ( after filming) and still got a fullmelt dry sift.

    anyway hope you enjoy it guys.... okeif and pollinator watch out.... here comes the...

    PS... help me name this thing guys... i can't come up with anything better than bubblesifter or trichomber

    Bubble man

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    Call it the Gold Miner. Peace GS
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    The tumblers covered in that post and it seems most forums are the pre made $500 + ones. what happened to the homemade stuff?

    yeah, where's all the homemade tumblers?

    A very simple tumbler could be made fairly easily with just four flat screen frames joined together instead of making a more difficult circular shaped cylinder. So you would not need a jig saw, only a standard hand saw, plus a drill, a screwdriver and a few other tools....and instead of sourcing, buying and fitting a slow electric motor, wiring and an AC to DC converter etc you could rig a simple hand crank handle from a steel rod bent to shape or a wooden dowel with an L shaped metal "handle"

    It would be very basic, but still it would work! and since would be hand operated, the mesh size would be better if it was not too fine for example 100 or 110 instead of 125 or 130 lines per inch mesh would be better or you would be slowly cranking the thing for ages! Art supplies or hobby shops often sell screen printing frames.

    If you make the screen frames yourself, use tacks to hold the stretched mesh in place, Super glue works well to attach nylon mesh to wooden frames, then trim the overhang with a box cutter knife and a straight edge, Remove the tacks after it fully dries (20 minutes or so)..use staples to attach the metal meshes. Pine wood is a good choice for frame wood with 45 degree joints, use ply wood for the outer container or do what the commercial tumblers do and use a storage box.

    DIY is not for everyone, but for those who have the know-how, the time, the inclination, a work shop and the right tools, making it yourself can be very satisfying..very much like the enjoyment you derive from growing your own herb.
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    Author of this post is Ocanabis -

    Hi Peeps

    So this is my entery for a do it your self Hash Tumbler.To start with theirs a number of different ways u could do this but this is my version.You can make these any size you want.Mine would be a small version cause I don't get all that much trim from my harvest.I would average 2-4 zipps of leaf and or sml. pop corn buds.So with that being said the tub I chose is 15"Lx14"Wx11"H

    So u need:
    a Tub: 15"Lx14"Wx11"H
    (112"x12"x1/8" piece of aliminum or plasti(this is for the door)
    (3) #10 x 1" metal bolts
    (3) #10 Wing Nuts
    (3) 24"x 1/4" Threaded Rod
    (12) 1/4" nuts
    (12) 1/4" washers
    (3) 29-30" long Pipe Clamps
    (1)Rotisery Motor with shaft from a BBQ
    Silk Screen material
    1" double sided tape
    1/2" dbl. sided foam tape

    For tools u need just the basics such as a Drill with bits,Jig Saw.Screw Drivers etc.Like I said its all basic tools that most people have.
    Ok,so lets get started.
    1st off,I'll take the 12"x24"x1/2" ply wood and mark my cicles for the 1 end pieces.I drew them out using a rotractor @ 9" circles.On one of those pieaces I marked an iner circle @ 5"
    So now I grab my Jig Saw and cut the pieces out.The 1st piece u want to cut is the iner circle then the 2 outer circles

    Wala,your 2 outer circles

    Now we mark the holes for our 1/4" Threaded Rod.You want to be as close to the edge as possible.I marked it @ 5/16" in from the edge.This is to acomodate room for washers.Then I marked 3 spots equally spaced @ 7 & 1/8" apart. (X marks the spots).

    Now I take my 2 circles and lay one on top of the other and drill (3)1/4" holes for the threaded rods.

    Next,I will cut out my lid.My inner circle was 5" so my acsess door is 6 & 3/4" round.I used a peace of whats called DiBond for my cover.Now that my door is cut I will center it on my end peace and mark and drill (3) 1/4" holes to attach the door with'

    Now I took my end piece and my door and marked the center and drilled a 1/8" hole for reference as to where my shafts will go.

    for the front piece I counter sunk the 3 holes for the door on the INSIDE were the 3 #10x1" bolts

    Ok,now we can start puting our drum together.
    You will need your:
    front and back circles
    (3) Treaded Rods( I cut my rods to 14") with a hack saw
    (12) 1/4" washers
    (12) 1/4" nuts

    I'll start by puting 1 nut on each end followed by 1 washer on each end.Now I will insert a rod into one of the pre drilled holes.Atach a washer then a 2nd nut on the out side or ech hole until all the rods,washer and nuts are on.Note(you don't need to do them up tight yet)
    You want to make sure that the distance between the rods are all equally spaced before you snug them down like so

    Now you can atach your door using the 1/4"x1" nuts and your 3 wing nuts like so

    Here's what it should look like so far.....

    Ok,now we move onto preping your tub.We have to find out where to drill holes for the motor shaft is going to end up at.If my end cicles r 9" round we want to have the Tumbler to sit at 1&1/2" - 2"s above the bottom of the tub.So if my circles r 9" then center is 4 1/2" so we need to drill a hole on each end of the tub at 6&1/2" - 7" up from the bottom of the tub and center like so.I used a 1/8" drill bit.
    Here's one end

    and here's the other end.

    Ok,now for the far en of the tumler I'm just going to use a long bolt for a shaft.I haven't dettermind the length of the bolt yet but I now I'm using one so here's what I did.
    From the off cut of 1/2" x12"x24" ply woon I marked a 2"x2" block then drilled a 1/4" hole and then cut a grove out like so

    Now I'm going to attach this to the inside of my tub using 3/16"x 3/4" bolts with 3 washers and nuts.I also counter sunk these 3 hole in the block of wood I'm using like this...

    Here's the inside of the tub.Notice the bolts r flush with the piece of wood!
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    Here's the out side of the tub...(sorry it's a bit out of focus) but you get the idea right !

    Now for the front of the tub.The shaft that comes with the Rotisier Motor for the BBQ is aprox. 5/16" square steel and around24" long.U will need tu cut off some of this cause it'll be to Loooong.So from one of the lenghts of rod I cut a piece to 8".You will need to cut this one more time yet but not untill u have sized up where you tumbler will sit inside the tub.You'll see what I mean in a minute.You'll notice the lock nut on the shaft.You'll need this to.

    So we know the shaft is 5/16" we want to drill a hole in the front side of the tub a bit larger for the shaft so I drilled it with a 3/8" drill bit
    You remember we drilled earlier with a 1/8" bit.That was so we know where the center was gonna be right !

    Ok,now we can attach the bracket for the motor.What I did was place the motor on the mounting bracket ,then I insert the rod.Now I'll put this against the tub so the shaft goes through the 3/8 hole we just drilled.Now I will mark the (4) holes for the mounting bracket like so....
    Here's your mouting bracket

    So now I will mark and drill the holes like so

    Now you can attack the mounting bracket with the hard ware provided with the BBQ motor.

    Ok,now we have to get our cover.What were about to do is drill the center hole a bit bigger then were gona grab a file and make that hole square to acomodate the shaft.Youll want to be care full filing cause you don't want to make the square hole to big cause then it'll be sloppy on the shaft.
    Here's our squared off hole tada...

    So now I got a thin piece of plastic 14+3/4"wide x 20" long and placed it like a half circle inside the tub.This will be your cach tray for your processed hash drippings.

    Ok now we have the motor/shaft assembly figured out,it's time to decide what size of bolt I need for the other end.I'll place the tumbler inside the tub with the shaft goin into the cover and I guessed I needed a 1/4" x 2" long bolt.
    and here's what it looks like after I put the bolt on and inserted it into the tub again, ta da...
    See how it nests into the 2" square block we cut earlier

    And here's the motor asembly side.Notice I have the lock nut in place.That keeps the tumbler from rolling back and forth. Neet Huh

    Ok,were all most done.You can put this off to the side for now and pull out your Tumbler.
    Here were gona finish off the tumbler by adding the screen etc.
    So now you'll need:
    Your Tumbler
    Silk Screen material
    1" dbl. sided tape
    1/2" dbl. sided foam tape
    Hose clamps.

    Ok,1st we want to find out how much silk screen material we need.For this I used my wife's sewing kit cloth ruler and measured the circumfres of one of the end disk pieces.I deturmined it was 29"s around.The distance from one end of the tumbler to the other side was 13" long.
    So I cut a piece of Silk Screen at 15" W x30" long. See the pink orange roll beside the scissors?Thats your 1" dbl. sided tape.

    So now I take that tape and adheare it to the 15" side of the silk screen material like so..

    Now you take your 1/2" foam tape and rap it around each disk on the tumbler. untill it meats then cut off the excess.(Sorry,I forgot to take a pic.)
    Now were going to wrap the screen around our tumbler.
    The best way to do this is put the tumbler on the floor and brace each end between your knees.Your gona peel back about an 1.5"s of the dbl.sided foam tape.This is where it gets a bit tricky.You want to stretch the silk screen around the tumbler so that it's tight not sagy.Thats why u brace it with your knees.The dbl. sided tape will hold it in place while you go all the way around the tumbler all the while pulling and stretching the screen material.Once you have gone all the way around You can peel back the 1" dbl. sided tape and press the over laped pieace together.
    This is what it should look like when your done....

    Now you can grab your hose clamp and you'll attach it over top of the screen and foam tape you have just attached Like you see in the pic bellow.

    Also you'll notice the white strip going length wise between the Pipe clamps.That is a 1.5" one sided tape thay you put over the seem in the screen.You''l need it on the inside as well other wise your hash powder will stick to the dbl. sided tape of the seem.Make sense ?I hope so cause it's kinda hard to describe

    Ok thats it your done.This project took me about 8 hrs to build and cost me about a $100.00 = or-.

    So lets have a look at what we just built here.
    Can I have a drum roll please Thank You
    Their you have it, a home made Hash Tumbler

    So I'd like to say in closing that all you need is just a bit of enginuity and
    any one can make one of these things for them selves.I'll be around if any body has any Q's.If u need u can PM me and I'll respond a.s.a.p.

    Next Up is processing some kif to test our new tumbler out.
    So i'll be back with that little tute shortly.
    Till then

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