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Thread: Why am I not getting melty dry sift?

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    I wonder why....

    As soon as you crumble your starting material, you are dooming yourself. This introduces fine particulate, the enemy of meltiness. Trim is also not first quality material to be starting with.

    Try this: (In a walk in freezer if you can, with all materials and tools pre-frozen) Take a nicely trimmed and cured good sized bud with lots of crystals on it, put it on top of the first screen.... gently roll it from 1 side to the other a few times.... remove bud... get fresh bud, roll it gently back and forth a few times.... keep repeating... GENTLY rolling.. not bashing, shaking, scraping, rubbing, carding or whatever... Then you will have the best chance of obtaining the product you seek.

    Yes, the yield will be much lower than if you crush or crumble your starting material, but the purity will also be way up. In the concentrate game, the more pure your final product, the less yield you get. If you go for quantity, then you sacrifice quality, period.

    Yes purists (ie Bubbleman, Sunkman Sam, ond others of similar taste) consider capitulate stalks contaminant as the essential oils and thc are contained in the trichome heads. Most folks would be happy to have just heads and stalks and no other contaminants, which should hopefully still be pretty melty in the bowl.

    Hope this helps some,

    Lol. What, you going to crumble your buds up to get them tiny trichs in there, genius?

    Good lord, just stop talking. Trim is how most of the pro's are making this stuff.

    Rolling buds over screens hahahahahahahahaahahahahaahahaha. Jesus.
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